Canada / 11:17 / 2019 / sound / colour / Urdu and English

Written and Directed by Erum Khan
Assisstant Directed by Tijiki Morris
DOP by Melisa Sofi
Production Assissted by Rashida Shaw
Appearance by Qamar Ghaznavi

A young woman journeys to visit her grandmother. What transpires between the unsaid and silence propels into a prolonged moment of tension and desires of connection.

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2021 Breakthroughs Film Festival
2020 Toronto Queer Film Festival
Premiered at the 2019 Rendezvous with Madness Festival

A Nomad’s Home // Banjaare ka ghar

Canada / 17:42 / 2016 / sound / colour & black and white / Urdu and English

Film by Erum Khan

Made in 2016, this short documentary follows the filmmaker’s family as they chart their migration throughout the world, until eventually settling in Canada.

  Premiered at the 2016 Toronto Independent Film Festival

Song: LAL - Losing Myself (Murr Higher Ground Remix)
Film By: Erum Khan
Shadow Manipulation: Tijiki Morris
8mm Film Footage: Abdul-Alim Ghaznavi
Voices: Qamar Ghaznavi & Tijiki Morris

Canada / 7:13 / 2020 / sound / colour / Urdu and English

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